May 11th Newspaper Column

Thank you to everyone who donated, worked, and shopped the Friends Grand Re-Opening Book Sale last weekend. It was a smashing success. We love the new space, and judging from your comments you do, too. I hope we will see you again and again.

With the weather warming (ever so slowly), I thought this would be a good time to remind you of the many items we have that can enhance your enjoyment of all the “outside” things to do in Green Lake. We have fishing poles and tackle available to check out. We have disc golf sets. A telescope. Binoculars and a spotting scope for birdwatching. Outdoor adventure backpacks for youngsters, chock full of interesting things to do. We even have trekking poles, in case you’re planning a hike and could use a steadying presence. All these items check out for a week at a time, and can be reserved in advance – terrific for when family and friends are coming to visit.

We are looking forward to a visit by Tracy Hames, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Wetlands Association, next Tuesday evening. Tracy will talk about the different types of wetlands we have in Wisconsin, their importance for both people and wildlife, and the various challenges they face. Since we are surrounded by water (lake, rivers, marshes!) here in Green Lake, I hope you will come out to hear his presentation Tuesday evening, May 16th.

And finally, a request – we need guest speakers for our Thursday Morning Conversations series. If you (or someone you know) are interested in good coffee (from Sassafras!), donuts, and conversation with local residents, please contact the library at 920-294-3572 or email We would love to put you on the calendar.