October 29th Newspaper Column

Meet some of the Green Lake Food Pantry volunteers at our Thursday Morning Conversation. Coffee and donuts in front of the fireplace at 10:00.

Need some last-minute Halloween inspiration? The library has scary (and sweet) stories for all ages, as well as spooky movies, books on face painting and costume ideas, decorating tomes, and more. If the young ones need to show off their costumes early (or to practice their “trick-or-treats”), stop by on Saturday morning. We’ll have some goodies to make it worth their while.

October 22nd Newspaper Column

Happy Friends of Libraries Week! I hope you’ve been by to help us celebrate. And I hope that you have joined the Friends of the Library – they are a wonderful group. No worries if you haven’t yet signed up, we welcome new Friends all year long. And it’s easy to become a Friend. Dues are only $5.00 per year, and a lifetime membership can be yours for just $50.


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