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April 14th Newspaper Column

We’re still celebrating National Library Week, and hope you will stop in and be part of the festivities!

This morning (Thursday, April 14) we welcome Green Lake Mayor Jon McConnell for a Thursday Morning Conversation at 10:00. Find out the current state of the city, get answers to your questions about city government, weigh in on local issues, enjoy a cup of coffee. I’m just back from a public library conference and am convinced more than ever that we need these opportunities to come together and talk. I hope you will join in the conversation.

March 31st Newspaper Column

Stop by the library this morning (March 31) for coffee, donuts, and an update on Wisconsin’s voter ID law and other election news just in time for Tuesday’s primary. Our Thursday Morning Conversation guest is Green Lake County Clerk Marge Bostelmann, and she has the answers to all your election-related questions. Join us at 10:00 in front of the fireplace.


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