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April 18th Newspaper Column

Now that Spring looks to be here to stay (I fervently hope!), here’s another reminder that we have seeds and garden soil testers and a garden tool sharpener available to check out. We also have a metal detector and binoculars and bike maps for the entire state, in case your preferred outdoor activities do not involve digging in the dirt. In any case, come see what we have available to enhance your enjoyment of the warmer weather!

April 4th Newspaper Column

There are so many things to celebrate in April, and the library is in on many of them! We start with Money Smart Week and two programs led by Katie Gellings of UW-Extension – Budgeting Basics and being Rent Smart on Saturday morning, April 6th. Katie will be extremely busy that morning, as she is also leading a “Kids in the Kitchen” class for us at 10:30!

April 7-13 is National Library Week, a time to recognize the myriad ways libraries bring people together and build communities. There will be treats and programs and a collaborative art project to celebrate.


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