May 16th Newspaper Column

Spring is a time of transitions. Wildlife babies are being born. Kids are graduating from preschool or high school or college. We may even eventually be able to store away the heavy jackets and gloves. And your local public library is transitioning, too.

After a months-long search process and four candidate interviews, the Library Board of Trustees last Wednesday evening put together a package and offered the director position to Christina Lyon. She officially accepted on Friday morning. And we couldn’t be happier.

May 2nd Newspaper Column

By the time you read this column the first round of interviews (four in total) for the next library director will be in the books. I am just as excited as you all are to learn who will be taking over – and I will be sure to let you know as soon as possible. The search committee has been working hard, so if you see Dick Slavik, Lauren Norton, Sue Wendt, Margie Roti Roti, Maggie Schultz, Ken Bates, Carrie Nolen, Bill Riebe, or Mat Boerson, please thank them.


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