October 24th Newspaper Column

The weather has confirmed for us this week that winter is well and truly on his way. Good thing there are lots of books and movies and music and programs from the library to help you pass these chilly days and nights!

Trick-or-treating is this Sunday from 3-5:00 p.m., and the volunteers who run the library for us on Sunday would love to see you little ones in costume. There will be treats, too, of course, so please consider making the library one of your stops before 4:00.

Keeping in the Halloween spirit, you’re invited to “Visiting the Beyond,” a presentation by paranormal researcher Curt Strutz, on Tuesday night October 29th at 6:30. Curt brings haunted locations to his audience through an interactive presentation that includes original photography, personal stories, history, and details on the haunted happenings at nationally known haunted locations. He has visited homes, asylums, prisons, hospitals, and public places – and has a story or two for each. Both chills and grins are guaranteed.


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