September 5th Newspaper Column

The next great Friends of the Library book sale is just a few weeks away, and our hardworking volunteers have a request – they really need children’s books. If you have some unused titles taking up space and gathering dust bunnies, please consider donating them to the Friends for the Fall Book Sale. Donations are tax deductible for most folks, so be sure to ask for a donation slip if you itemize. And thanks!

School may have just started, but book publishers are in full holiday season mode. More books get released between now and Thanksgiving than any other time during the year. Stop in often, as you can expect to see new titles every day or two. We’ll try to keep the displays stocked with the newest books and movies, but if you happen to spot us working on a title that intrigues you – by all means, let us know. We’re happy to place holds for you even on items that aren’t yet released. And if you know your favorite author has a new book coming out, please mention it to us. With so many titles released every week at this time of year, we want to be sure we don’t miss something you’ve been waiting to read.


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