January 19 Newspaper Column

If you’re like the library staff and suddenly find yourself with unexpectedly free weekends (darn those Giants!), may we suggest some books or movies to help take your mind off football?

Visiting the library’s web site – www.greenlakelibrary.org – is the best place to start. If you like paper copies of new books, you will find a list of our latest acquisitions under the “What’s New” button near the top of the page. (You will also find our latest DVDs there). If you prefer to download titles to your e-reader, the place to start is under our “Research” button. (Yes, we’re working on making that more logical, but that’s where you need to start for now.) There you will find a link to e-books and downloadable audio books.

For those who have an e-reader but would like some help getting library books onto it, we invite you to either come in for one-on-one help or to attend one of our upcoming e-reader classes. You will find the latest schedule of those on (you guessed it) the library web site, under “Library Events.” While there, you can see other events of potential interest – like our upcoming “Road to the Oscars” film screenings and the winter weekend concert series.

See you soon, whether online or in person!


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