June 13th Newspaper Column

Looks like the warm weather has finally arrived (thank goodness!). If, like many, you were delayed in putting in a garden due to the wet, chilly spring, you can still find some heirloom seeds at the library. We also have lots of terrific books on gardening and landscaping, so whether your growing passion is fruit, veggies, flowers, or trees, we have the information you need to succeed.

We’re hoping for good weather to celebrate Father’s Day this weekend. We also try to hedge our bets, though, and so we have lots of great movies to share with dear old Dad, from animation to action thrillers, screwball comedies to documentaries, we have a pretty amazing selection. I recommend picking up a couple DVDs for the weekend, just in case.

The good folks from Missoula Children’s Theatre are back in town next week, putting on “Snow White with dozens of local kids on the 22nd. They are also giving a free acting workshop at the library on Tuesday afternoon (June 18) at 1:00. Target age for workshop participants is 8-11 years old, but a touch older or younger won’t matter to us. And you don’t have to be part of the play to be part of the workshop. This year’s theme is “the actor’s tools” and our presenters promise plenty of fun along with skill building. Plus, we’ll have snacks available. Free, food, and fun are some of the greatest words ever and we have them in abundance here at the library.


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