World Book Night

For the past several years, a group of hardworking people has coordinated World Book Night. People from all over volunteer to hand out free books to folks who don't read (or who don't read much, anyway). The goal is to reach out to these people and just maybe change their minds about reading. And we're looking for volunteers in the Green Lake area. There is a list of thirty books to choose from for this giveaway, including a few titles for younger readers.

This year's event is scheduled for Tuesday, April 23. The library will be a pick-up place for the books. There is a lot more information about the program on the World Book Night website -  If after looking things over you decide you would like to participate, click on the "Apply to be a giver" oval and fill out the brief application. The deadline for applications is this Friday, January 25.

This is the kind of thing that can warm your heart even on a frigid day  :)

Thanks for considering -



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