January 10th Newspaper Column

It’s been a long, sad week at the library.

Our long time, well-loved library maintenance man, Dick Bruggeman, passed away on Sunday morning. Dick took good care of the library for many years. We miss him.

We’ve been looking for ways to distract ourselves, and have come up with a couple of things to do to help. First is the continuing art show made up of works by Pat Dobrinska’s students. It’s well worth a visit. And later this month we begin our annual “Road to the Oscars” film screenings on Thursday evenings. The Academy Award nominations are set for this morning (Thursday, January 10th) a good two weeks earlier than normal. As soon as we have determined which of the nominated films are available on DVD, we will post the schedule to the library web site – www.greenlakelibrary.org   With 2012 having been a good year for the movies, I’m looking forward to this series even more than usual. I hope you will join us.


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