October 25th Newspaper Article

It’s National Friends of Libraries Week, and we want to take the opportunity to thank all our Friends for everything they do throughout the year. I can’t sing their praises enough. We are blessed to have such a wonderful group committed to making the library the best place it can be. Next time you’re enjoying a program, or visiting the library on a Sunday, or checking out a magazine – thank the Friends.

We have news, too. There will be a “flash” book sale downstairs this Thursday afternoon from 3:00-6:00 only. It seems incredible, but we have received a bunch of great donations just since Harvest Fest, and these books are too good to wait until February. The back door will be open, several volunteers will be there to help, and there will be great bargains galore.

Recent visitors to the library have noticed our Poe-themed pumpkin out front, painted by our own talented Lecia. It’s part of Tuscumbia’s contest, and will be on display there come Saturday. I should put in a shameless plug here for you to vote ours the winner, but there are some other wonderfully decorated pumpkins around town. Check them out this week.

And finally, Bardfest is nearly here. We kick things off next Tuesday evening, October 30th, with a 6:30 screening of Macbeth. Really, what better play to lead into Halloween than one that kicks off with three witches? Check out the entire Bardfest schedule at the library website: www.greenlakelibrary.org


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