March 1st Newspaper Column

Thanks to everyone who helped move furniture and baked treats and attended our “Visit with Mark Twain” last Sunday. We had about eighty audience members, and it was a wonderful show. Watch for more cool events as we move into spring.

Like, for instance, the Lac Verde Quartet in concert this Saturday morning (March 3rd) at 10:30. We love having these local ladies play at the library – they are just terrific. The Lac Verde Quartet kicks off our concert series, stay tuned for more musical fun throughout March and April.

It’s March, and the Artist of the Month program is back! This month we are featuring the felted critters and cuties of Deborah Cieliesz. Look for them in the front window and the display case across from the checkout desk.

March also sees the inauguration of what may be the coolest thing we’ve ever done at the Caestecker Public Library. We welcome Rusty, a six year old Labrador retriever and certified therapy dog to the library two afternoons a month beginning on Wednesday, March 7th. Why a therapy dog at the library? For kids who are struggling with their reading! Research over the past decade has shown that kids who have trouble reading out loud (say, in class) are more relaxed and make great progress if they can spend time reading to a dog. Rusty and her fellow therapy dogs are the ultimate non-judgmental listeners. They don’t get impatient with a mispronounced word, or repeated sentences, or taking a bit of time to sound things out. We are tremendously excited to have Rusty and her mom Stacey Mathison as very special library volunteers looking to help kids master the art of reading. Call the library at 294-3572 to set up an appointment to read with our pal Rusty.

Oh, and just on the off chance you’re reading this Wednesday night (2/29) and haven’t yet had supper – head on over to the Goose Blind for their library fundraiser. We’d really appreciate it, and you’ll have a great meal.


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