March 14th Newspaper Column

Tuesday night movies are making a comeback! After a few weeks off post-Academy Awards, we are happy to bring back film screenings – now of award winners. On Tuesday evening, March 19th, we will be showing Life of Pi. Look for more winning films on Tuesday evenings right through April. Showtime is 6:30 p.m., and yes, we will have popcorn.

The area Girl Scouts have a display up at the library this month. Plan to spend some time looking things over in the display case near the checkout desk.

March 7th Newspaper Column

Based on the number of inquiries we have received, the biggest news of the week is that the IRS 1040 Instructions booklets have finally arrived.

1040 Instructions are (finally) here

To all you lovely, patient folks...

Yes, they are finally here. And I'm printing off copies of the 1040 forms, too, as reordering now probably won't get us forms until May.

The IRS sent a big box of 1040 Instructions, but the booklet is pretty thick. Stop in anytime and pick up your copy/


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