No delivery on December 17

Hi folks,

Bad news for those waiting to receive items from other Winnefox libraries - we won't be receiving a delivery today. Something went wrong with the van that makes deliveries among the libraries, and it has been towed in for repair. Hope I will have better news for you tomorrow.

December 13th Newspaper Column

Linda here, hoping you will make the library part of your holiday plans. No, I’m not jonesing for invitations to Christmas parties. Just looking to remind you that we have a great selection of books, movies, and music to keep you and your guests entertained right through to New Year’s. Whether your tastes run to classics or brand new releases, block-buster crowd pleasers or slightly obscure indie films – we’re here to help.

That Was Quite a Breakfast!

Thanks to everyone who came and ate and shopped and whispered their wishes to Santa last Saturday morning. We had an excellent turnout for Breakfast with Santa and the Friends Christmas Book and Cookie Sales. By noon we had raised nearly $1400 that the Friends will put toward programs and materials and services to library users. We can't thank you enough for the support.


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