Cold Weather = Closing Early

Hi folks,

Because we haven't been very busy this afternoon, and as the sun starts to set the temperatures will plummet further, we will be closing at 4:00 this afternoon. We've also heard that our Tuesday morning delivery is now expected to be a Tuesday afternoon delivery, so if you're expecting a book or movie to come in from another Winnefox library, you will have a slightly longer wait. Sorry.

Here's hoping we don't have another polar vortex for another twenty years...


Genealogy Workshop Postponed

The Dartford Historical Society/Caestecker Library genealogy workshop series will begin next Monday, January 13, at 1:00 p.m. rather than this afternoon. It's just too darn cold. See you next week.

January 2nd Newspaper Column

Happy New Year!

If you need a little inspiration for achieving those New Year’s resolutions, we have books and DVDs on everything from growing your own veggies to growing your savings; reducing your waist size to reducing time wasted trying to figure out the latest technology. Some of these helpful tomes are on display, but we have loads available and we’re happy to help you track down items from other libraries if need be. And (of course) we hope one of your resolutions is to visit your local library many times over the course of the year.


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