April 24th Newspaper Column

This is a revised version of the newspaper column, as I heard from Kathy Kline late Tuesday afternoon that we needed to postpone her visit. Kathy is now coming on Sunday, May 4th.

As a library we’re all about books…pretty much all the time. That’s especially true this weekend as we welcome a noted Wisconsin author to Green Lake on Saturday morning.

Latest Update on Highway 23 Reconstruction From WISDOT

WIS 23 reconstruction - Green Lake to Ripon (*updated*)
Current traffic impacts

April 17th Newspaper Column

We’re in the middle of National Library Week, and while we hope you will stop in and help us celebrate, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the folks who help make this library a great community hub. It all starts with the people who work here, and I am blessed to have a friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, dedicated, and funny group of coworkers. Great people, every one of them.


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