October 17th Newspaper Column

We have all been busy as bees getting new books covered and setting up programs and baking treats for the programs and going to budget meetings and…

Whew! Time to step back a moment and count our blessings.

October 10th Newspaper Column

Have you seen all the new books and movies and TV series and audiobooks we’ve gotten in lately? It’s astonishing! There’s something new in for everyone, and in most cases enough to last you well into the new year. Please click the “What’s New” tab next time you visit the library web site ( or just stop in. We’ll be happy to assist you.

We have programs and meetings and fun events going on all the time, too. Let me share a typical week:

Monday morning – knitting group meets from 10:00 till around noon

October 3rd Newspaper Column

Another Harvest Fest book sale successfully completed, another round of thanks from the library. This year you helped the Friends raise over $3800 for the weekend. Many thanks to those who donated books, puzzles, movies, and more to making the sale a success. Thanks, too, to everyone who came and shopped for the cause. And special thanks to our fleet of volunteers who put in so many hours organizing, pricing, and selling items at these book sales. Your combined efforts equal more books, movies, and programs for library users year round. We are tremendously grateful.


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