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Thank you, book shoppers!

The Friends had one of their "flash" booksales yesterday afternoon, and raised over $360 in three hours. Not bad for books that are mainly priced at $2 and under. Thank you to everyone who stopped and shopped!


June 14th Newspaper Column

We have a full slate of programs coming up, so I'm going to jump right in.

We have a fun, science-y family program lined up for you this weekend. Wisconsin’s Frog Guy, Randy Korb, will be at the library on Saturday, June 16th, for a 1:30 p.m. presentation. And yes, he will have some little hopping critters along. Since Saturday is also the Summer Solstice celebration and the day of a young angler fishing tournament, we hope you will plan to spend the day in Green Lake. Refreshments will be provided (once again) by the Friends (think gummy frogs…)

June 7 Newspaper Column

Signs of summer are popping up everywhere at the library! From the increased number of visits (the kids are out of school, the ABA volunteers are back, and our summer folks are beginning to come in) to artsy indicators like the Green Lake Festival of Music to the roses blooming out front it’s pretty clear we’re in summer mode no matter what the official calendar says.


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