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World Book Night

For the past several years, a group of hardworking people has coordinated World Book Night. People from all over volunteer to hand out free books to folks who don't read (or who don't read much, anyway). The goal is to reach out to these people and just maybe change their minds about reading. And we're looking for volunteers in the Green Lake area. There is a list of thirty books to choose from for this giveaway, including a few titles for younger readers.

January 17th Newspaper Column

Well, that just didn’t work out the way we hoped, did it?

Now that we all have our weekends free of football (darn, I really thought the Packers had a shot), what will you do with your time? The library is here with some suggestions.

January 10th Newspaper Column

It’s been a long, sad week at the library.

Our long time, well-loved library maintenance man, Dick Bruggeman, passed away on Sunday morning. Dick took good care of the library for many years. We miss him.


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