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August 30th Newspaper Column

We need your help!

Many, many items have been returned over the past couple of weeks and our shelves are overflowing. Please come in and check out some books and movies, we have A LOT to choose from!

The Friends also need your help. There’s another book sale coming up over Harvest Fest weekend, and since the summer sale was so successful, they are in need of donations. Kids books, paperbacks, movies, and puzzles are in especially short supply. We gladly accept donations whenever we’re open. Thank you for your continued generosity.

August 23rd Newspaper Column

These last weeks of August are transition weeks here at the library, and they always make me feel a bit melancholy. August is a month of goodbyes – to our kids going off (or returning) to college (good luck Josh, Thomas, Annelise, and Noah), to summer patrons scattering back across the nation, and to our extended summer hours.

The Friends Need You!

Specifically, they need new members. And continuing members to renew. And donations for the Fall Book Sale. And possibly some volunteers who would be willing to bring treats for a library program or work a Sunday shift once per month or sort through donations or any of a myriad number of other ways the Friends help the library each and every day.

It's no secret - the Caestecker Public Library wouldn't be nearly so wonderful without our Friends. Membership starts at $5 for the year. Won't you join us?


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