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Closed Today - 12-20-2012

Looks like a day to stay home. 

The library will be closed today due to the snowstorm. Please stay safe, folks. We want to see you tomorrow.

Libraries and Blizzards

Well, according to all reports we're in for an interesting storm tomorrow. Which leaves us with a few options:

1) Come down to the library before 6:00 tonight and stock up on books and movies to keep everyone entertained.

2) If things are bad and travel is not advised, we will be closed.

3) If things are really bad (power out for hours, etc.) we may ask the City Public Works guys to hook up the generator so the library can open as a warming center.

December 20th Newspaper Column

Merry Christmas!

We have a movie this Saturday for keeping the young (and young at heart) ones entertained while last minute gift shopping happens in town. Stop by for popcorn and fun around 10:00.


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