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March 12th Newspaper Column

We have a very special exhibit in the library meeting room from March 9-27. “Fur, Feathers, and Fidelity: Military Mascots” introduces some of the birds, dogs, monkeys, and other animals that have served alongside Wisconsin troops as far back as the American Civil War. From the well-known (Old Abe, the War Eagle) to the anonymous pup cuddled up to his exhausted soldier, the critters who accompanied our soldiers, sailors, and marines brought a bit of normalcy (or at least a diversion) in wartime.

March 5th Newspaper Column

March madness has a slightly different meaning in the library than it does for college basketball fans. For us the month begins with boxes and boxes of spring titles from favorite authors. Which means we have to find room for all these shiny new, in-demand stories. And that means we have to look hard at the books currently on our shelves, assess their continuing value, and move out those that don’t make the cut. Withdrawing books from the collection is always a little sad, but it is absolutely necessary to keep the library fresh, current, and meeting the needs of our readers.


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