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January 26 Newspaper Column

It’s awards season, and the library is here to help you get caught up on all the winners!

The American Library Association announced its children’s literature awards on Monday morning, and I’m pleased that we have copies of them all available for you to check out. They are currently on display at the checkout desk.

January 19 Newspaper Column

If you’re like the library staff and suddenly find yourself with unexpectedly free weekends (darn those Giants!), may we suggest some books or movies to help take your mind off football?

January 12 Newspaper Column

Happy 2012 to you and yours!

Did you make some new year’s resolutions? I find I’m able to stick to mine for the first week, and then I need some help. If you’re in similar circumstances, the library is here to help! Whether your goal is to learn something new, get in better shape, eat healthier, save money, or a myriad of other good causes, we have books and DVDs that can up the motivation factor. I promise I haven’t checked them all out.


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