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1040 Instructions are (finally) here

To all you lovely, patient folks...

Yes, they are finally here. And I'm printing off copies of the 1040 forms, too, as reordering now probably won't get us forms until May.

The IRS sent a big box of 1040 Instructions, but the booklet is pretty thick. Stop in anytime and pick up your copy/

February 28 Newspaper Column

We’re thinking green at the library. Spring green, St. Patrick’s Day green, Girl Scout green.

I walked in to work Monday morning and was greeted by a leprechaun. He’s a friendly fellow – a bit taller than I was expecting – and doesn’t have much to say. But if you bring your kids in to meet him this month I’m sure he will share a treat with them.

Bonus Screening in Oscars Series!

Last night our record crowd for Argo expressed interest in viewing another nominated movie ahead of Sunday's Academy Awards ceremony. We're here for you with a special screening of Anna Karenina tomorrow night (Thursday, February 21) at 6:30. I promise to have restocked the popcorn supply by then.


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