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April 21st Newspaper Column

Programs! Get your programs here!

Yes, we have a full slate of programs for you this week. Tonight (Thursday, April 21) we welcome Steve Swenson, Director of Conservation at the Aldo Leopold Foundation, for a 6:30 presentation on “Aldo Leopold’s Land Ethic.” Steve will share historical photographs and Leopold’s life story to illustrate his evolving relationship with the land. He will also tell us of the Foundation’s efforts to foster a land ethic among people throughout the country.

Family History Friday

Finding your roots, family history, genealogy – these are all terms for one of America’s favorite hobbies: finding out more about the people in your family tree. It’s rewarding research, but it can get confusing. The Caestecker Public Library is here to help make things a bit clearer with Family History Fridays.

April 14th Newspaper Column

We’re still celebrating National Library Week, and hope you will stop in and be part of the festivities!

This morning (Thursday, April 14) we welcome Green Lake Mayor Jon McConnell for a Thursday Morning Conversation at 10:00. Find out the current state of the city, get answers to your questions about city government, weigh in on local issues, enjoy a cup of coffee. I’m just back from a public library conference and am convinced more than ever that we need these opportunities to come together and talk. I hope you will join in the conversation.


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