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Painting in Progress

Good Friday morning, folks,

The elevator project continues apace, and with it occasionally comes interesting aromas. We have painting going on today and the fumes are a bit on the strong side. You're welcome to visit, of course, but I just wanted you to know.


February 19th Newspaper Column

A big thank you to all the hearty souls who braved sub-zero temperatures last Saturday and shopped (and worked!) the Friends Winter Book Sale. You showed true dedication to the library and we are grateful for your support.

February 12th Newspaper Column

February is Library Lovers Month, and this year we’ve decided to have a little fun with it. We received a generous donation of Beanie Babies last year, and are offering them for adoption through Saturday. The fuzzy little cuties are on a display table in the front of the library. We are asking for a donation in lieu of a set adoption fee, with proceeds going towards the care of our library turtles Myrtle and Frankie.


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