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September 24th Newspaper Column

Like many, many folks in the Green Lake area this week, we are in full Harvest Fest mode at the library. Autumn decorations are being dusted off and put in place, displays of books both upstairs and down are being refreshed, and there’s an extra hum of activity throughout the library  - and the town. Good stuff!

September 17th Newspaper Column

New and interesting books and DVDs continue to flood in to the library this week. We have new offerings by favorite authors for both kids and grownups, and complete seasons of television shows just in time to catch you up with the action as series make their fall premieres. So many choices! It’s enough to make a librarian giddy  :-)

No Newspaper Column This Week

I am just the worst at remembering early deadlines, and missed getting a column off to the newspaper this week. Drat. I want you to know about the Thursday Morning Conversations we have coming up for the rest of September.

Tomorrow morning, September 10, we welcome Green Lake School District Administrator Ken Bates. If you have any questions about the school, plans for the year, how the IB program is going, new teachers, etc., here's an opportunity to hear it straight from teh man in charge. 


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