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Event news update

Two items for you this morning. First, be sure to stop in Thursday morning for coffee, donuts, and our conversation featuring Mark Kramer and Alice Bartow. Learn about the legion building project and all the other things these busy folks have been doing. 

Our pickle making demonstration, originally scheduled for Thursday evening, has been postponed for family reasons. We hope to set a new date before too long. Check the events calendar for updates. Thanks.

August 6th Newspaper Column

Thursday, August 6th will be busy morning for the library. We have LEGO Club at 10:00 for all our young makers. Our Thursday Morning Conversation guests are Tom Eddy and Bur Zeratsky, talking about the Green Lake Conservancy. And the Green Lake County librarians are giving a story time at the County Fair at 10:30under the entertainment tent. There’s sure to be something of interest for everyone.

July 23rd Newspaper Column

The children’s programs are winding down (except LEGO Club – that goes right through the start of school), but that just means there’s time to enjoy all the new books and movies we’ve gotten in this summer. Every week we receive boxes full of brand new items just waiting for you to check out. Want to find the newest of the new? If you’re visiting the library, the front display table is always a good bet. New movies and TV series are housed near the photocopier. New picture books are always on show on top of the bookshelves.


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